TouchPoints TV: Christophe Naasz, Star Micronics


Christophe Naasz, Star Micronics

Christophe Naasz, Marketing Director for Star Micronics talks about the ability to meet with all reseller partners in one place at the RetailNOW event. “We have heard, during sessions yesterday and today about mobility,” he noted. “What is very nice that Star Micronics came to mobility 2 ½ years ago and right now we have all the products the industry is looking for.” He mentioned that 80% of resellers are still in the education process for mobility. Naasz also spent time at the event learning about payment processing and digital signage. “We are trying to see how we can fit into those growing markets.”

RetailNOW is the premier event for vendors and manufacturers to connect with partners, as well as prospective resellers. Moreover, the conference offers in-depth insights on the latest technological trends in retail, restaurant and hospitality markets, allowing organizations to make better decisions on product offerings and features.

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