Roots Thinks Outside the “Inbox” With Opterus Store Ops-Center

Roots Canada Ltd., a leading lifestyle apparel retailer, has completely eliminated the use of email in their stores and now remotely manages all of its locations through Opterus’ Store Ops-Center.

The retailer has branded the adoption of this new solution Roots Ops-Center (ROS), and will be utilizing the web-based technologies from Opterus to streamline business processes and improve communication practices between the company’s 119 locations.

“ROC allows us to have exception-based follow-ups which help to have more targeted communication,” said Jarar Kazmi, Executive Director, Retail Operations at Roots. “Our District Managers can now send messages directly from a smart phone to all stores, via a specific link, allowing those messages to be easily viewed by store associates in the ROC. This has simplified communication, especially because our strict security levels did not previously allow stores to send or receive emails externally from our network.”


Store Ops-Center is an on-demand, web-based retail portal designed to communicate corporate policy, day-to-day objectives, tasks and handle issues between the corporate office and store locations. The solution’s sole purpose is to allow retailers to rapidly and accurately transfer information to stores, helping them make more informed and strategic enterprise-wide decisions.

Retailers can easily deploy the SaaS Opterus solution with minimal IT impact, while moving towards efficient store operations.

“For retailers, email can be difficult to manage because it does not provide the level of control and consistency needed to ensure that their store communications are being read, much less responded to or acted upon,” said Janet Hawkins, president, Opterus Inc. “The ROC gives them a single, centralized view of the enterprise with an on-demand, real-time view of task progress and compliance to corporate standards and directives.”

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