Motorola’s New Mobile Services Platform Adds Support For Consumer Devices

Addressing the reality that consumer branded mobile devices are proliferating retail operations, Motorola has released its newest device management solution Mobility Services Platform 3 (MSP3) Control Edition, which supports Motorola and non-Motorola mobile devices.

“We are seeing an evolution to more consumer mobile devices being introduced into the retail world and for the IT department this becomes a challenge of ‘how do I manage all of these devices’ in a safe and secure way,” said Sheldon Safir, Director of Global Product Marketing at Motorola.

Working in combination with Motorola’s AirDefense infrastructure solution, Safir pointed out that the new platform would allow retailers to add features like “geo-fencing,” which could shut down a device if it is removed from a store, warehouse or other designated area. These infrastructure services would also allow a retail organization to implement browsing policies and establish historical data to review which employees are accessing which applications on mobile devices.


In addition to mobile devices, the new MSP3 platform also supports peripherals including printers, debit and credit card readers and biometric fingerprint readers to create mobility-wide management.

The MSP3 Control Edition is designed to ensure all devices are ready to use upon powering up and provide any day-to-day management functions and access and monitor device performance and resolve any issues.

Motorola’s solution is also designed to provide device, network and battery utilization. Application, operating system and firmware versions are designed to provide retailers with visibility to remotely identify and resolve device issues. With MSP3, devices with integrated GPS capability offer access to GPS information, allowing retailers to pinpoint the location of any device at any time.

The IT expenditures solution of MSP3 is designed to eliminate the need to physically handle devices, to decrease management time and improve workforce productivity. It is also designed to allow administrators to monitor key performance indicators and tolerance thresholds, while on-screen reports are expected to ensure staff is immediately alerted when devices are out of compliance.

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