EcoEnergy Insights Helps Retailers Track Facility Maintenance Needs and Solutions

AI and IoT-enabled solution provider EcoEnergy Insights has introduced an AI assistant feature for its CORTIX platform designed to help retailers reduce maintenance costs and generate energy savings. The AI assistant can showcase prescriptive recommendations in natural language to help facility managers stay ahead of maintenance and address operational problems before they occur.

The AI assistant was created to help teams better understand the raw information usually provided in graphs and charts by combining it into a single screen that includes both potential problems and the necessary corrective action. Users can read the recommendations and use the platform itself to plan and prioritize actions across the retailer’s building network. The solution is designed to scale from a few hundred to thousands of stores.

The CORTIX platform can analyze data from multiple sources, including weather and work done during previous technician visits. The platform is designed to make facility management simpler and easier, for example by reducing the need for maintenance visits to inconvenient locations like rooftop units.


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