Hitachi Vantara Offers Retailers Lidar-Based Grab-and-Go Self-Checkout

Hitachi Vantara has launched the Grab-N-Walk Out solution, which is designed to help customers take want they want, pay and leave with minimal friction. The store automation solution can help retailers free up store personnel to focus on more valued-added tasks.

Hitachi’s automated shop technology uses lidar (light detection and ranging) sensors instead of relying on cameras and video. These sensors are programmed to know when a product gets picked off a shelf, when it is returned or when it leaves the store. Using lidar allows for installations that are both compact and unobtrusive.

The solution provider offers a range of technologies in the Hitachi Automated Shop that aim to combine frictionless purchasing, advanced tracking technology and intelligent analytics to help both shoppers and retailers. The technology suite is designed to help retailers:

  • Create a smooth customer experience similar to online shopping;
  • Develop deeper data insights into buyer behavior and product interaction;
  • Support social distancing and health protection;
  • Deliver targeted marketing, including promotions;
  • Reduce labor costs and provide efficient 24/7 operations; and
  • Adapt to changing customer behaviors with AI and machine learning technology.


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