SML RFID Introduces Tags To Track Fashion Goods From Source To Shelf

SML RFID, a full-service RFID provider, has launched RFID FactoryCare, a tool designed to help fashion retailers manage RFID-tagged products and reduce friction across the supply chain. The solution can help retailers increase item-level visibility and increase manufacturers’ confidence in errorless delivery.

FactoryCare utilizes SML’s RFID Inspire tags and a global network of encoding solutions, including RFID Clarity software, to help companies read tags, carry out a specific item search, and find and validate tags and products. The platform also is designed to perform unpacking and audits to reduce human error and improve efficiency.

The solution aims to provide an additional layer of protection for retailers by minimizing inventory errors at the manufacturers that attach the tags. These features also are designed to allow retailers to track the full inventory history of any item from source to shelf.


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