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Supply chain challenges are mounting for many retailers, especially those operating in multiple regions of the country and abroad. Consumers expect to be able to order and purchase products via any channel, then have them delivered to their channel of choice – and quickly! New technologies are providing the ways and means for merchants to deliver on the promise of omnichannel excellence. Now retailers must find the best ways to implement new solutions to stay competitive.

Springboard Retail Brings POS And Inventory Management To The Cloud

Best-in-class retailers are merging their brick-and-mortar and e-Commerce systems to create a seamless customer experience across all channels. By integrating data, retailers also can provide associates with a comprehensive look at customer information, inventory and overall sales. Springboard Retail is spearheading this convergence with the introduction of a cloud-based retail management solution that includes POS, inventory management and CRM software. The comprehensive solution is designed to provide retailers with real-time data and equip them with tools to turn information into incremental sales. Associates and managers who access the system also have access to real-time inventory levels across every store, which empowers them to sell items that are unavailable in their own store, and ship them directly to the consumer.

57% Of Online Purchases Are Returned Due To Retailer Error

By analyzing returns data, retailers can better understand consumers’ preferences and behaviors. Additionally, this data can help organizations survey their internal supply chain and warehousing proficiencies. However, there is still plenty of work to be done as retailers strive to minimize return rates and maximize customer satisfaction, according to research from Voxware.

Infor CloudSuite Helps Improve Fashion Management And Collaboration

Fashion retailers are tasked to keep pace with the most recent trends, as well as competitor prices and customer demands. To boost sales and customer loyalty, these organizations must keep a constant pulse on trends and results, and improve collaboration across the entire business. Infor CloudSuite Fashion provides retailers with a suite of tools to manage the entire fashion process, from design, development and sourcing, to production, distribution, customer service and finance. The suite enables users to share real-time data such as sales revenues, product specifications, production plans and customer information.

Teikametrics FBA Opportunities Helps Amazon Sellers Optimize Inventory Management

Amazon Marketplace members have the opportunity to extend their brands and products to millions of consumers worldwide. However, some Amazon sellers do not have complete visibility into inventory levels, making it challenging for them to ensure all in-demand products are available.    Teikametrics, a provider of optimization technology for Amazon sellers, has introduced the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Opportunities predictive reordering solution to help address this challenge. The FBA Opportunities dashboard identifies upfront potential profit within existing inventory supply and allows sellers to add profitable items into a purchase order.

Forever 21 Selects Oracle Retail To Improve Assortment Planning

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Fast fashion retailer Forever 21 is using Oracle Retail Merchandise Planning and Optimization solutions to better predict demand and align assortments to customer preferences and expectations. With Oracle Retail Assortment Planning and Size Profile Optimization, Forever 21 can create assortments based on factors such as neckline, price point and fabric,…

Winning The Fulfillment Battle Against Amazon

To win the battle against Amazon, best-in-class retailers are investing in omnichannel inventory and order management. Up to 43% of retailers currently have enterprise-wide inventory visibility and 36% have rolled out real-time inventory updates. Watch this video to learn the four best practices to win the fulfillment battle.

Retailers Renew Focus On The Supply Chain

A recent survey conducted by KPMG International and the Consumer Goods Forum shows that the supply chain is the new top area of concern for retail executives, thanks to a renewed emphasis on growth. Together with new technologies like Apple Pay and an expected 72% increase in freight revenue by 2025, retailers are in now in need of long-term solutions to stay agile and responsive. To be competitive, their businesses must be supported by a fast, accurate and efficient supply chain.   Technology and the supply chain definitely go hand-in-hand, but cohesive management and vision of the technological complexities inherent in the supply chain are often a challenge. While the front-end retail experience remains in the limelight, the back-end must be absolutely accurate and lightning fast to support customer loyalty. Nevertheless, many retailers still rely on a combination of legacy IT systems and manual processes to manage their back-end order fulfillment and distribution. Orders may come in quickly via the iPhone, but they're fulfilled by a team of hardworking people supported by a patchwork of IT tools.

W. Lee Flowers Stores Manages Food Safety With ReposiTrak

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W. Lee Flowers and Company, the operator and supplier of 46 IGA and KJ’s Market supermarkets and supplier of 43 independent stores throughout the Carolinas and Georgia, has chosen dietary and drug compliance solution ReposiTrak to manage food safety-related risk. “With the Food Safety Modernization Act regulations now requiring us…

Roundy’s Selects Market6 To Improve Supplier Collaboration

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Grocery and pharmacy chain Roundy’s Supermarkets will implement the Market6 Foundation platform to improve collaboration with its list of vendor partners. With Market6 Foundation, the Roundy’s merchandising team will exchange information and work with suppliers more effectively. Ensuring ongoing communication is expected to help the retailer optimize high-value business processes,…

Edgecase Research: Online Retailers Need To Add The ‘Human Touch’

  • Published in E-Commerce
Despite the rise in online sales, e-Commerce conversion rates are still significantly low compared to in-store results, according to a recent report from Edgecase. While the average conversion rate for stores is between 20% and 40%, it is only 3% online. Many consumers still prefer the brick-and-mortar experience because there is an element of “human touch,” according to the report, titled: Lost In Translation: Evolving Merchandising To Bridge The Shopper Communication Gap.

SupplierSync Improves Data Exchange Between Suppliers And Retailers

The strength of the supplier-retailer relationship has a profound effect on product sales. However, both parties sometimes find it challenging to share data on an ongoing basis. Suppliers are constantly responding to data requests from multiple retailer partners, and each retailer has unique formatting requirements that could potentially result in inaccurate and delayed product information. To help improve the exchange of product information, Salsify has released SupplierSync, a supplier portal that helps buyers and merchandisers collect category specific attributes, marketing copy and product images from suppliers more efficiently.

Retailers Strengthen Commerce Offerings With EBay Enterprise

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A number of retail organizations implemented eBay Enterprise solutions and services in 2014, including BOXPARK, Finlux and Shoe Carnival. These retailers join other companies seeking to strengthen their commerce offerings with eBay, such as: Ace Hardware, Belk, Destination XL Group and DSW. “Reducing our operational cost and the complexity of…

JDA Enhances Warehouse Management Solution

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During NRF, JDA Software Group announced enhancements to the JDA Warehouse Management solution as part of the company’s Intelligent Fulfillment strategy. Intelligent Fulfillment was established to better enable customers to meet the demands of the retail industry’s omnichannel environment, decrease time-to-value and expedite the returns management process that can drain…

Icix Direct Test Ensures Product Safety And Compliance

Supply chains are growing longer and more complex, which is increasing the complexity and expense of the product compliance process. As a result, retailers and manufacturers are finding it more challenging to monitor the safety of these products. To ensure product safety, icix has released Direct Test, a cloud-based application designed to automate the collection and management of third-party product tests.
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