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To keep up with consumers’ digital advances, retailers are becoming savvier, implementing strategies and programs via smartphones, tablets and other digital venues. Digital marketing can take the form of push messaging, in-store digital signage, location-based promotions, email messaging and much more. Smart marketers are working on complete strategies that include the best new digital solutions in addition to tried-and-true traditional methods. This section will guide retailers down the path to digital marketing success.

GoSpotCheck Streamlines Field Audit And Survey Execution

During their scheduled audit routine, sales reps and merchandisers often must gather data around specific products, inventory levels and pricing. This data, whether tracked through spreadsheets, paper forms or photos, can be difficult to analyze once it is sent back to management. Mobile data collection software from GoSpotCheck enables brands to streamline their sales and merchandising team’s surveys, audits and reports. Retailers can provide the GoSpotCheck mobile app to their sales teams to get real-time information on merchandising, product line performance and competitive research.

Why TV Should Be 'Up Front' And Center For Retailers (Pun Intended!)

Spring is here and so is the Upfront.  So TV is on everyone’s mind whether you participate in the Upfront or not.  While some experts have predicted the decline and demise of television advertising, I think marketers should buy more TV, not less, especially in the retail category. We have heard countless times that TV advertising is simply not sustainable given the growth of online marketing, social, mobile and other forms of digital media. But, when it comes to customer acquisition, the first screen is still the best screen.  In fact, PwC has reinforced the need to pay close attention to TV. (1)  That report stated that “despite the growth of digital media, TV advertising remains the place to be. Global TV advertising revenue is successfully responding to the rise of newer forms of digital media and will grow 5.5% over the next five years.”

Adobe Marketing Cloud Integrates With Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Adobe and Microsoft have established a new partnership to integrate the Adobe Marketing Cloud with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This move will help organizations integrate their sales and service interactions, as well as capture a comprehensive picture of customers, from initial engagement, to acquisition, retention and loyalty.   “Helping our customers…

Adroit Digital Shopper Cooperative Gives Retailers Access To 400 Million Anonymous Consumer Profiles

To successfully engage consumers who have access to a wealth of brand and product options, best-in-class retailers are focusing on refining and optimizing their personalization strategies. However, retailers must have detailed data about their target customers, their preferences and past behaviors. The Adroit Digital Shopper Cooperative gives retails access to consumer data from hundreds of brands, enabling them to identify unique audiences to target and market to. The data pool consists of more than 400 million anonymous consumer profiles and 100 million unidentified unique buyers.

Indix And Prosperent Bring Product-Specific Content To Retailers

Indix, a cloud-based product intelligence solution provider, has partnered with consumer product content marketing company Prosperent to organize, categorize and streamline up to 50 million products a day from 4,800 merchant partners. Prosperent is designed to help content creators earn money by tying relevant products to their content. For example,…

80% Of Shoppers Are Swayed By Personalized Email Campaigns

The majority (80%) of Americans who read promotional emails find it helpful when retailers feature recommended products based on past purchases, according to a survey from Listrak. But retailers can leverage a variety of different data points to create more relevant and tailored marketing messages. Nearly three-quarters (71%) of consumers say it’s helpful when emails are based on products they looked at online, but didn’t purchase. More than two-thirds (68%) of respondents said they still like when retailers address them by their name in the subject line or copy of emails. Harris Poll conducted the survey to understand the email consumption habits and preferences of U.S. consumers.

Adobe Summit: The Convergence Of Brick-And-Mortar And Digital Takes Center Stage

More than 6,000 marketers congregated in Salt Lake City, Utah, for the 2015 Adobe Summit to learn how to create consistent customer experiences that connects to their products. Although this was undoubtedly a core theme for the event, which took place March 9-13, there was another core theme for retailers in attendance: How to successfully integrate digital presence with the brick-and-mortar store. In the opening keynote, Adobe execs and their partners unveiled updates to the Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Campaign and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), and also revealed new solutions.

Movable Ink Helps Retailers Streamline Email Campaign Creation

Retailers can no longer rely on batch-and-blast emails to engage customers and drive conversions. After all, customers are interacting with more messages and promotions across channels and, in turn, have become desensitized to certain marketing tactics. To stand out in consumers’ crowded email inboxes, retailers need to tailor emails to individual customers and their unique attributes, preferences and past purchases. Movable Ink is helping retailers facilitate email personalization with a real-time email marketing tool that allows marketers to generate responsive email templates quickly and efficiently.

Eyeview Weather Tracker Personalizes Ads To Weather Conditions

Weather patterns can affect shopping behaviors and store traffic, especially when conditions are severe. However, with the right technology in place, retailers can use the weather to their advantage by personalizing messages and campaigns based on temperature and other conditions. Online video advertising solution provider Eyeview released Eyeview Weather Tracker to help brands personalize video ads in response to real-time weather conditions. Weather Tracker monitors weather forecasts across an advertiser’s target markets to deliver relevant messages and calls-to-action. Research: Mobile Remains Top Priority For Retailers

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For 58% of retailers, mobile is a key investment area during 2015, up from 53% in 2014, according to the report, titled: The State Of Retailing Online.To develop the report, Forrester Research surveyed 71 companies from numerous retail categories including apparel, footwear, general merchandise, home furnishings and personal care…

Macy’s And Nordstrom Are Most Buzzed About On Social Media

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By monitoring social media feedback and conversations, brands and retailers can determine how top-of-mind they are with consumers. Of all brands and retailers, Macy’s is the most talked about, with up to nine million shopping-related social media posts being published about the retailer, according to a report from social media monitoring company Infegy. The posts revealed that Nordstrom generated the most purchase-related posts, and most consumers perceived the brand as having the highest product quality and attractiveness.

BCBGMaxAzria Maximizes Email Performance With Personalization And Automation

With a thriving, 25-year history, BCBGMaxAzria has made its mark in the fashion and retail worlds by creating high-quality apparel and accessories that appeal to the wants and needs of its customers. Across all three brands — BCBGMaxAzria, BCBGeneration and Herve Leger — marketing campaigns and engagement strategies focus on the subtle, yet extremely important details of each item. To create more tailored and compelling email campaigns, BCBGMaxAzria has leveraged Bluecore, which has helped create highly personalized, automated trigger campaigns.

74% Of Online Retailers Send Irrelevant Promotions

Despite a myriad of research studies pointing to the importance of personalization, the majority (74%) of online retailers still promote irrelevant items to shoppers via email, according to OrderDynamics research. Some retailers (33%) don’t even sufficiently follow up with consumers after they sign up for the brand mailing list. The report, titled: Customer Relationships: The Dating Game, compares retailing to dating, in that businesses have to convince consumers to “go out” with them to start and continue a business relationship. The study specifically measures the effectiveness of a “first date,” or purchase, as well as the long-term relationships that can lead to additional purchases and increased order values. Opinion Matters conducted the study on behalf of OrderDynamics by surveying more than 60 retailers and 2,000 consumers.

Gifting As Referral Marketing: Are You Leaving Sales On The Table?

The winter holiday season has wrapped up, but retailers are knee deep with gift returns, year-end inventory and planning. E-Commerce competition is heating up, pressing merchants to innovate, adapt and optimize their digital marketing mix. Search, social, email and affiliate are all popular marketing tactics — but there is another highly effective method of driving traffic and sales you may be overlooking. Referral marketing is a powerful way to supercharge customer acquisition and sales. However, according to a June 2014 GigaOm Research Report: "Only 39% of marketers use it [referral marketing] regularly, but 43% of those who do use it acquire more than 35% of their new customers with it." This is significant, as retailers stretch their dollars and focus intently on marketing ROI.
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