Brij Helps Brands Connect Products to Digital Benefits Without Needing an App

Brij, a platform for connecting physical products to digital experiences, is designed to power one-touch product registration and reorder options. The platform helps brands build tailored digital experiences for each of their products with QR codes that let shoppers register, reorder and view relevant content about the items, anytime and anywhere.

The platform can help shoppers access relevant product information without the need for an app. Use cases include:

  • Incentivized product registration: Shoppers can receive rewards and discounts for starting a relationship with the brand;
  • Easy product reordering: Shoppers can place a new order in seconds by scanning the product;
  • Warranty tracking: Users can keep track of receipts and product warranty expiration dates;
  • Digital product packaging: Scanning an item can give access to product manuals, how-to videos, ingredients, assembly instructions, customer support and more;
  • Lost and stolen item recovery: Shoppers can claim ownership of items and get them returned if they’re lost or stolen; and
  • Product authentication: The product QR codes can be used to verify authenticity with a scan.

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