Ideoclick Releases Tool to Help Amazon Sellers Manage Compliance Disputes

Ideoclick has launched Pulse Compliance, an operational intelligence tool designed to automatically synthesize data sources and distill them into a single view for Amazon sellers. The solution aims to offer better insights into how compliance issues can be remedied quickly and efficiently, helping retailers determine exactly where recovery opportunities exist.

Pulse Compliance was built to help brands navigate complex compliance disputes on Amazon Vendor Central. Key features include:

  • Operational Data Ingestion: Stores up to two years of past operational data, including POs, invoices, payments, shortages, chargebacks and disputes;
  • Health Report: Shows the historical transactional activity between Amazon and the client, focusing on shortages and chargebacks, their disputation, and settlement via dashboards;
  • Automatic Dispute Initiation/Settlement: Can be configured to automatically dispute chargebacks and shortages based on business rules around the type and size of the discrepancy;
  • Accounting Ledger/Billing: Seamlessly integrates with accounting systems, with the goal of clearly demonstrating how Pulse Compliance impacts the bottom line; and
  • Streamlined Onboarding Flow: Existing clients (or new prospects) that have granted vendor central (VC) access can opt into a limited functionality for a limited time, gaining top-level reports and a call to action to sign up for the service.

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