Tool King Experiences 440% Surge In Conversion Rates With Product Videos

Video marketing is emerging as an engaging and valuable way to inform consumers about products and services. This developing technique is encouraging retailers to leverage solutions to boost video creation and rollouts. Following its implementation of the Treepodia e-Commerce video platform, Tool King, a hardware and tool retailer, experienced a surge in conversion rates on pages that featured product videos.

Tool King executives recognized video’s impact on consumer decision-making and search rankings. However, the retailer realized early in the planning process that producing and marketing videos internally was not as cost-effective as partnering with an automated provider, Jeff Plante, Online Marketing Manager for Tool King told Retail TouchPoints.

“We’ve always believed in the power of video to drive customer engagement and brand awareness,” Plante said. “However, due to the expensive and time intensive nature of video production, we could not determine a way to leverage it effectively.”


After implementing the Treepodia video platform and Dynamic Video Sitemap solution in June 2011, experienced a 440% conversion rate increase on products for which videos were featured. The Treepodia solution allows Tool King to create and publish product videos directly to e-Commerce product pages. The videos are based on existing images, descriptions, prices, user reviews and merchandising rules to created up-to-date videos on a consistent basis. By leveraging product videos, the retailer can showcase new products, pricing and promotions easily with templates that match brand image.

The platform also publishes multiple versions of each video with A/B testing functionality to measure and compare click-through rates and overall conversions. To ensure that major search engines are indexing video information such as title, description and duration, Tool King marketers also utilize Dynamic Video Sitemap. This feature is designed to update video information and release in real time so retailers no longer need to depend on internal resources.

“We sought a lift in conversion rate, a drop in bounce rate, and an increase in customer engagement,” Plante noted. “Each of these three metrics was achieved after we deployed the Treepodia solution.”

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