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Exclusive Q&A: Why Retail Marketers Must Make An Emotional Connection With Consumers

In a world where consumers have an almost unimaginable array of choices, successful marketing campaigns require something more than just persuasion and personalization. Retail brands need to establish an emotional connection with consumers to convince them to step into a physical store. Marketers can establish such bonds by putting themselves in the customer’s place, factoring in shoppers’ needs as well as the brand’s goals.

Self-Service App Deepens Customer Connections At Fairway Market

Some retailers worry that adopting a self-checkout solution will deprive them of a key point of contact with their customers. Fairway Market, a New York City metro area chain of 15 supermarkets and four wine and spirit stores, wanted to be absolutely sure that wouldn’t happen when it deployed a self-checkout app, because the retailer prides itself on a family atmosphere and a close relationship with shoppers. The retailer is in the process of rolling out its first self-checkout app and will be seeking results that include:

The Snuggle Bugz Baby Formula: Abundant Content Builds New Parents’ Confidence

There’s no shortage of advice for parents, particularly first-timers. In fact, it’s all too common for new moms and dads to suffer from a bad case of information overload. Retailers in this space want (and need) to be perceived by shoppers as trusted advisors, so it makes sense that the corporate mission of Canadian baby retailer Snuggle Bugz is to give confidence to customers navigating parenthood. Fulfilling that mission means providing plenty of solid content, both about the products it offers and other parenting issues. Unfortunately, the retailer’s old e-Commerce platform was causing a confidence gap between its in-store and online customer experiences. “Our stores are beautiful, and people can get all the information they need there,” said Sharron Vanderbeek, Director of E-Commerce at Snuggle Bugz, noting that the average employee spends more than 100 hours in product knowledge training each year.

How Home Delivery Services Have Changed Shopping Behaviors And Brand Loyalties

Home delivery is shaping the way businesses connect with their customers. Thanks to Amazon, the seismic shift in customer expectation and buying habits is not only felt throughout retail, but has even spawned new delivery-focused companies in other sectors such as Postmates and DoorDash.   Amazon became a revenue machine on the e-Commerce front primarily because of its Prime subscriptions that offer two-day shipping. Prime memberships have become a hallmark of the internet giant — exceeding 100 million paid Prime members globally despite losing vast sums of money on shipping.

Empowered Managers Are At The Heart Of A Positive Retail Experience

Most retailers feel their customer experience could use improvement: 96% agree that it is a core priority for their organization, but 75% believe they need to do it better, according to The Black Hole for Retailers report by Square Root. The brick-and-mortar experience is particularly important, as 79% of retailers believe what shoppers encounter in-store is one of the biggest influencers of the overall customer experience. However, it’s not enough for retailers to create a single, undifferentiated experience across their entire store network. Crucially, they need to take these plans and pass them down to the local level. From there, corporate can help managers interpret the strategy in a way that will produce optimal results at their particular stores. “That’s where the magic is,” said Chris Taylor, CEO of Square Root in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “Our thesis is the agile retailer will survive, and agility is defined by how you can roll out strategy down to the store managers and district managers. If we can empower those folks with the right information to make the right decisions, then you’re going to be super-reactive to the market and you’re going to win. If you can’t do that, you’re going…

Authenticity And Education Sway Shoppers More Than Social Media Influencers

Celebrity influencers are starting to lose their luster: shoppers are 2X as likely to order a product recommended by a friend on social media rather than by an influencer or celebrity, according to Sprout Social. Additionally, 61% of consumers said they’d be more likely to research a product or service recommended on social by a friend, compared to 36% for a post from an influencer.

Exclusive Q&A: How Retailers Can Benefit From Taking A Political Stand

Retailers can no longer stick their heads in the sand and ignore events outside of their industry. Shoppers prefer brands that match their personal beliefs, and some retailers are embracing causes even if it will hurt the bottom line in the short term. It’s not enough for retailers to avoid courting controversy — they need to understand what they stand for and embrace it, according to Peter Horst, Founder of consulting firm CMO Inc. and author of Marketing in the Fake News Era. Retailers can take several steps to improve their ability to handle contentious events: Understand their constituents and what they care about; Generate an internal culture of responsibility; Discuss when it is appropriate to take a principled stand; and Learn when it is best to ignore a potential powder keg. In an exclusive interview with Retail TouchPoints, Horst discussed how retailers can both protect themselves from potential public relations crises and show their shoppers what they stand for. Retail TouchPoints (RTP): Retailers need to consider all their constituents when identifying optimal brand actions. What is the best way to reach out and determine what these different groups, from customers to employees to shareholders, expect of the company? Peter…

RSP Series: How Retail Leaders Improve Customer Acquisition And Retention

Any retailer’s long-term health requires finding the right balance between acquiring and retaining customers — particularly the loyal and big-spending types of shoppers. But rapid changes in both consumer expectations and the competitive landscape have rewritten many of the established rules for customer acquisition and retention. The 2018 Retail Strategy and Planning (RSP) webinar series, hosted by Retail TouchPoints, uncovered several new strategies for tackling these timeless challenges. Following are brief recaps of six webinars in the #RSP18 series, now available on-demand. [Read a recap of the Holiday Predictions webinar, sponsored by Salesforce, here.]

Yesway Drives 44% Redemption Rate Among Rewards Members Who Visit C-Stores

The 150-store convenience retailer Yesway has ambitious plans to acquire, improve and rebrand as many as 500 additional stores over the next few years. Even before this expansion occurs, however, the retailer is solidifying its business with an intense focus on customer loyalty. Yesway launched Yesway Rewards on the Paytronix platform in June 2017. Initially introduced at 37 stores, the loyalty program soon became an integral part of the brand's expansion. It’s now available to customers at more than 100 locations.

Nordstrom Will Launch New ‘Nordy Club’ Loyalty Program This Fall

  • Published in News Briefs
Nordstrom has unveiled a revamped tiered loyalty program, The Nordy Club, launching this fall. The program incorporates the traditional point system and benefits of its existing program, while offering personalized services and experiences, enabling shoppers to create their own “Nordy Portrait.” Nordstrom’s existing loyalty program is already a success for the…

Points-Based Rewards Motivate Loyalty Among All Generations Of Shoppers

Retailers must make sure their loyalty programs stand out from the crowd: 75% of consumers actively earn and redeem rewards in just three or fewer programs, according to the Loyalty in the Age of the Connected Consumer report by Kobie Marketing. Successful loyalty programs consistently engage shoppers to keep them interested, rather than exist for the occasional scheduled discount. Kobie outlines four key steps to increasing long-term interest in loyalty programs: Analyze generational preferences; Consider a points-based program; Prioritize convenience and clear value; and Clearly communicate the steps to earning awards. Identify And Address Generational Preferences Retailers should keep generational preferences in mind when designing their programs. Different age groups diverge on the benefits they seek and how they prefer to redeem loyalty rewards: Members of Gen Z are more protective of their data than other generations, and 28% of the group said giving up personal information was a barrier to joining a loyalty program; Millennials are the most price-conscious and time sensitive shoppers of all — 28% consider convenience when deciding whether to join a loyalty program, and 78% look for discounts; Gen X doesn’t want to be bothered without good reason: 48% prefer programs that send fewer emails…

How Millennials Want To Engage With Retail Loyalty Programs

CodeBroker surveyed more than 440 Millennials belonging to loyalty programs from retail, credit cards, restaurants, travel and other industries in a 2018 Millennial Loyalty report. These young consumers were asked about the top challenges they face in using the loyalty programs and how they would like to engage with them. They were also asked what changes they would like to see. From the survey, some very interesting facts were determined. Only 11% actively engage in all of the loyalty programs in which they are members. Why is that? Before we answer that question, check out the next clue: 97% of Millennials said they would actively engage with loyalty programs if they could access their rewards information directly from their smartphones.

Exclusive CEO Q&A: How Sustainability Drives Customer Loyalty Among Coyuchi Subscribers

The Coyuchi For Life tagline couldn’t be simpler: New Linens. No Landfill. The idea is simple too — Coyuchi, which has provided organic home products including bed linens for 25 years — offers Coyuchi For Life subscribers new towels, sheets and duvets every six, 12 or 24 months via a monthly fee. When customers are finished using the items, they send them back in “return kits,” and the company renews, upcycles or recycles the products. The program, which kicked off in April 2017, was designed to address the 10 million tons of textile waste that end up in landfills annually. Additionally, Coyuchi For Life taps into several powerful consumer trends, according to CEO Eileen Mockus:

Retail Remix Of 'Love Will Keep Us Together’: Takeaways From Etail East

Retail today is all about getting the customer to fall in love with products and brands. In personal relationships and in retail, love is complicated and must be nurtured. In retail that means delivering unique and compelling experiences; personalized messaging and offers; and relevant marketing and communications — consistently across all channels. When thinking about writing this article, I could not get this song out of my mind: "Love Will Keep Us Together," from 1975 by Captain and Tennille. Yes, I’m dating myself, but indulge me for a few minutes and listen to it. It pretty much lays out the strategy retailers should be thinking about as they are planning new customer strategies and technology implementations. During the 2018 eTail East event in Boston this month, many conversations and presentations were focused on how to win the hearts and minds of consumers. Clicktale, which offers Experience Analytics solutions, is working with a cognitive psychologist to better understand customer behavior in the digital world. Liraz Margalit, PhD has conducted studies covering the “Mobile Mindset” triggered by smartphone use; “Stress Shopping,” and “Emotions in the Digital World.” She explained: “Emotions are a gateway to our memory” about a brand. So how are retailers…
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