Why Deepfakes are a Real Problem

Deepfakes fraud threat

Deepfake technology —videos, audio or images that have been manipulated by AI to impersonate real people — has advanced so much in recent years that it now poses a real security threat to businesses.

These threats come in the form of fraudulent transactions, false representation of high-profile figures and, in the worst-case scenario, extortion. And yet while 80% of companies acknowledge the threat of deep fakes, less than 30% have taken action. Among the proactive steps that businesses can take to combat this threat are:

  • Training staff on how to spot and flag potential fake content;
  • Establishing verification procedures for communications;
  • Implementing automated detection solutions; and
  • Formulating a response strategy if a deepfake attack occurs.

For more on how deepfakes are made and how to spot them, check out this infographic from Panda.

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