What’s Needed To Make A BOPIS Retail Winner?

Consumers love buy-online, pick-up-in-store (BOPIS). Retailers love the way BOPIS allows them to drive traffic to stores and leverage their physical footprint as a competitive advantage against online pure-plays.

But consumers bring higher expectations to BOPIS than they do to simply shopping in a store — the retailer has explicitly told them the item is available, so the bar is set high. So if a customer finds a BOPIS order is not actually there, they are much more upset than if they simply stopped by the store and discovered the item was out of stock.

Unfortunately, for many retailers, BOPIS failures are alienating the very customers they most want to please, hurting them in both the short- and long-term.

With the right forecasting and optimization, retailers can prevent failures and make BOPIS profitable for the retailer and satisfying for the consumer. Check out this white paper to learn:

  • Where BOPIS often goes wrong;
  • How to optimize BOPIS with better forecasts;
  • The most efficient supply chain models for BOPIS; and
  • How to leverage localized, demand-based forecasting.

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