Unlocking the Secrets to an Outstanding Commerce Operation

Unlocking the Secrets to an Outstanding Commerce Operation

Ecommerce usage has exploded since the onset of the pandemic, accelerating the growth of several key digital trends. One of these is the elevated expectation for a seamless digital customer experience. Today, business buyers expect the same frictionless, easy-to-navigate shopping journey when they make purchases for their business that they have when they’re buying for themselves as consumers.  

This is having a dramatic impact on B2B transactions. Gartner predicts that “seismic shifts in B2B buying will dramatically reconfigure B2B commerce over the next five years.”  

It’s not simply a matter of priorities. While elevating ecommerce has not been a focus for many B2B businesses, those that have invested in this area needed to overcome challenges including: 

  • Heightened regulatory attention to B2B transactions;  
  • The increased complexity and specificity of B2B purchases; and 
  • The fact that their customer’s decision-making processes are getting longer and more complex. 

Check out this e-Book to unlock the secrets to an outstanding commerce operation. 

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