Retail Personalization Buyers Guide

Retail Personalization Buyers Guide

Personalization has become table stakes in many industries, but the need is particularly acute in the retail arena. This makes selecting the right vendor — not just the right solution — difficult. The entire personalization sector has attracted attention from a wide variety of platform providers, some of which don't have the experience, expertise and ability to support the unique needs of retail companies.

Moving your organization's personalization plans forward means first, creating a strategy to find the right partner by getting past the buzzwords and marketing-speak that might be steering you in the wrong direction.

The process begins with a look inward at what you want to accomplish. It's time to assess:

  • Levels and types of personalization;
  • Personalization channels;
  • How to connect personalization to the brand
  • The vendor landscape; and
  • How to define industry terms.

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