Retail 3.0: Organization

The retail organization is changing. Retailers and brands can today measure shopper lifetime value with shopper-identified transaction data, and they possess technologies both to generate realtime in-store insights and to market to individual shoppers. But will retailers have the courage necessary to make these changes? This paper on The Retail 3.0™ Organization addresses the structural changes that 3.0™ Retailers need to make to capitalize on the tools Retail 3.0™ offers—from store level to headquarters.

We encourage you to download this paper to learn how to structure your organization for the world of Retail 3.0™.

Key Takeaways:

  • Actively marketing to customers over time is inherent to maximizing the lifetime value of the customer to the retailer.
  • Retail 3.0™ is about empowering the shopper: it is a world of customer pull, not product push.
  • Customer segmentation can no longer be based on spending, but must be based on meaningful attributes the retailer can manage.


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