Opt-In To A New Mobile Messaging Mindset

Marketers today are facing a daunting challenge: Consumers are using more channels and their browsing and buying journeys are less linear than ever.

When it comes to mobile marketing, retailers can differentiate by segmenting customers based on their overall engagement and loyalty to the brand. Then, merchants can send more relevant, data-driven messages via mobile.

This infographic, courtesy of OtherLevels, outlines how marketers can implement a new mobile messaging mindset in order to boost customer engagement and sales.


A Guide To App Strategy Decision-Making

To successfully engage with tech-savvy shoppers, retailers need to implement a mobile commerce strategy. However, it can sometimes be challenging for retailers to determine where to invest their time, effort and money.

Want to determine whether you should focus on the mobile web or build an app? Use this infographic, courtesy of Usablenet, as a guide.


The Mobile Engagement Race


Mobile's impact on retail is going through the roof! In fact, mobile-influenced store sales could reach $752 billion in 2016.

Now the race is on! Retailers must enact successful mobile customer engagement strategies that help win new shoppers and increase long-term loyalty. The brands that meet the demands of customers empowered with mobile devices can pull ahead of the pack.


The Visual Guide To In-Store Beacons And A Mall Common Area Beacon Network

Beacon technology allows retailers to connect with customers in real time and deliver timely, relevant messages.

The features consumers request most include: Push notifications to their mobile phones featuring store-specific offers; personalized discounts, product recommendations and rewards; and the ability to locate items and check their availability in-store.

This infographic, courtesy of Mobiquity Networks, outlines how retailers can leverage in-store beacons and mall common area beacon networks to maximize customer engagement, foot traffic and loyalty.


Building A Better Workforce

shadow GIG GW001 WP Mobile Apr 2015Are you struggling to create an agile and efficient workforce? Well, you are in luck. Mobile technologies place the retail and consumer goods workforce at the dawn of a new era of productivity. This positive disruption creates a more agile and efficient workforce that can more easily connect with headquarters.


Mobile Wallets Grab The Payment Spotlight

shadow RTP RT054 SR Payment Apr 2015Cyber criminals want your customers' payment information, and the retailers that do not adequately protect customer data are at risk for long-term damage. For example, more than half (54%) of U.S. consumers said they would never, or would be very unlikely to, purchase from a retailer that had experienced a data breach where financial data was stolen, according to research from SafeNet.


Are Retailers Making The Grade In Mobile?

The majority (75%) of Americans own smartphones, according to comScore research. And by 2018, there will be 2.73 billion smartphone users worldwide, as noted by eMarketer.

But overall, retailers are not successfully engaging mobile users. Through an online assessment, 41% of retailers learned that their mobile strategy “needs some work.” This infographic, courtesy of Salesforce, outlines key findings from the assessment, and provides best practices to help businesses make the grade in mobile.


The State Of Mobile In 2015

By the end of 2015, there will be more than two billion smartphone users worldwide. To better connect and engage with these mobile-savvy shoppers, retailers need to invest in cutting-edge marketing and engagement tactics.

Want to learn more about how rising mobile adoption will impact your business? This infographic, courtesy of Usablenet, outlines key trends and predictions.


Make The Grade In Mobile: 5 Ways To Give Consumers & Stores Associates What They Want

Shadow SFC SFC002 EBK Mobile Grade Feb 2015 1Your customers rely on their mobile devices for more than just communication. They're also using them for product research and, increasingly, finalizing purchases. In fact, 85% of consumers say that mobile devices are a central part of their everyday life, according to Salesforce Marketing Cloud's 2014 Mobile Behavior Report.

These customers, as well as your employees, demand the ability to connect anytime and anywhere. Does your mobile strategy reflect these demands?

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