The Connected Consumer

Consumers are smarter today than ever before. In fact, today’s consumers own your brand. Their shopping expectations are higher, they make decisions faster, and they research thoroughly and independently. Consumers also know they have a lot of choice regarding when and where to purchase. Added to the mix are consumers who are increasingly technology savvy, more demanding, and are making tradeoffs by focusing on value, transparency and accountability. If retailers are unable to provide the convenience or service consumers expect, loyalty will evaporate, competitive advantage will erode, and retailers’ value proposition will crumble.

In this webcast you will discover how to satisfy the smarter consumer by providing a seamless customer experience that reaches across all touch points, spanning human, digital, social and mobile modes of access that are optimized according to customer preferences…a customer experience that delivers products and services flawlessly to keep customers coming back for more.

Learn how Best Buy responds to customer control and demands and how the electronics and home appliances retailer is tackling issues with mobile, digital, social media, inventory availability, fulfillment flexibility and convenience.

Once consumers get a taste of the seamless shopping experience, they expect it. It doesn’t matter what your product or service is. Join us and learn how to put your business back in control of the shopping experience.


  • Chap Achen, Senior Director of Multi-Channel Order Management, Best Buy
  • Jim Bengier, Global Retail Executive, Sterling Commerce an IBM Company
  • Debbie Hauss, Editor-in-Chief, Retail TouchPoints
  • John Mesberg, Vice President, B2B & Commerce Solutions, IBM



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The Connected Consumer

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