The Best of Both Worlds: Packaged Solutions Approach

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The Best of Both Worlds
How Retailers Are Merging Best-of-Breed Performance
with the Value of a Packaged Solutions Approach

At one time, smaller retailers looking for an easy way to get up and running quickly with end- to-end solutions usually had to compromise on functionality and adaptability. “Packaged” often meant “pared down,” and imposed limitations on the fit between the solutions’ features and each retailers’ needs.

Times have changed. Today, retailers no longer have to choose between the highest quality best-of-breed solutions and the value of implementing through a packaged solutions approach. By combining software and hardware that is pre-planned, pre-scoped and pre- tested, and implementing it according to a consistent, “best-practices” methodology, companies can get up and running faster with less risk on solutions that offer virtually the same level of performance as their traditional best-of-breed counterparts.

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