The Art of AI-Powered, Customer-Centric Item Set-Up


For the retail merchandiser, the process of onboarding a new product so that it is set up to sell effectively (and rapidly) can be a complicated one. There’s a tremendous amount of depth that a retailer has to consider that may not be obvious right off the bat.

Although the process of accurate and optimized item set-up for a merchandiser’s new products may appear to be tedious — and with good reason — there are ways this onboarding can be improved and made more simple with the power of AI.

In this white paper, you’ll discover:

  • Some of the main culprits that can cause issues during item set-up;
  • The benefits of correct item set-up for retailers; and
  • How JOOR uses auto attribution to significantly reduce the time dedicated to manually tagging products on its ecommerce site.

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