Selling on Multiple Marketplaces is Overwhelming Ecommerce Execs

The vast majority of businesses (95%) now sell their products on more than one online marketplace. But the task of balancing all these new data sources while trying to maximize growth and profitability has left seven out of every 10 ecommerce professionals overwhelmed.

Among the top challenges ecommerce managers face today are:

  • A lack of unified, harmonized data;
  • Little or no access to technology-powered decision-making; and
  • The constant dance to find a balance between top-line growth and bottom-line profits.

To combat this, a whopping 78% of brands are planning to hire an ecommerce expert in-house. In fact, “professionals on the frontlines of ecommerce” was the fastest-growing job area in LinkedIn’s 2021 Jobs on the Rise report.

To learn more about the challenges facing brands that sell on multiple marketplaces and how they’re tackling them, check out this infographic from Tradeswell and read the full report here.

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