Retail Hit List: Top 7 Campaigns That Resonate With The Values And Beliefs Of Gen Z

Gen Z now accounts for 40% of all global consumers and has more than $143 billion in spending power. Also known as Centennials, Gen Z consumers are known for being tech savvy and digitally connected. But this demographic is so much more, with values and beliefs that are shaping business and marketing strategies before our eyes.

This Retail Hit List spotlights the brands that are working diligently to understand Gen Z on a deeper level, designing campaigns and experiences that align with their innate behaviors and beliefs. Gen Z consumers…

  • Are early adopters
  • Crave authenticity
  • Want brands to stand for social and environmental issues
  • Seek guidance from experts and influencers
  • Want to be inspired by content
  • Crave connection and community
  • Want to binge content

See which brands make the top of this Hit List and see what you can apply to your practices. Download the Hit List now!

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