Refining Business Intelligence: Turning Today’s Data Tsunami Into Actionable Insights

Retailers have recognized that today’s data sources, which include location information generated by consumers’ smart devices as well as unstructured content from social networks, generate far too many data points ever to be managed manually. Additionally, the use of BI has become democratized throughout many retail organizations, with multiple users in departments that stretch from the supply chain to the brick-and-mortar store.

That’s why deciding what types of BI solutions are needed to manage this flood of information, and whether an upgrade or a totally new system is required, requires retailers to assess the needs of virtually every department within their enterprise.

This Retail TouchPoints Tech Showcase is designed to help retailers make the correct call on what BI system works for their needs. The Tech Showcase will include:

  • Questions that retailers must answer with a BI tool test run;
  • Insights on how AI and machine learning can improve BI technology capabilities, as well as why the basics are still vital to powering any successful software;
  • Insights on how retailers have improved their data collection and handling processes; and
  • A five-step retailer roadmap to selecting and implementing the BI system that fits best.

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