Optimizing Shopper Insights For Grocery Retailers

Analytics have become a vital element in grocery retailers’ toolboxes, helping them to hone in on best practices in order to improve customer service. From space management and promotion planning to price optimization and assortment planning, analytics are delivering the insights that help grow the business and improve the bottom line.

Retailers around the world are finding success with insight-driven analytics. Representing the largest grocery cooperative in Finland, Ilkka Alarotu from the S Group will share his expertise and experiences with analytics in an upcoming webinar.

Joining Alarotu during the webinar, industry consultant Jim Hertel from Willard Bishop will discuss his perspective on the benefits of analytics; and Cyndy Renfrow from SAS will share grocery case studies highlighting innovation and analytics.


  • Ilkka Alarotu, The S Group
  • Jim Hertel, Willard Bishop
  • Cyndy Renfrow, SAS



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