Keep Your Holiday Profits; Avoid The Chargeback Grinch


Although the holiday season provides retailers with their highest revenue streams of the year, the period immediately after can be marred by chargeback fees. These fees spike as much as 50% in the wake of the holidays and have been known to rob retailers of substantial revenue gains, further impacting the bottom line.

 Chargebacks occur when cardholders claim they haven’t made a purchase or aren’t satisfied with their purchase. In many instances, all a cardholder has to do to dispute the transaction is contact the credit card company and deny they ever made the purchase. Therefore, retailers are burdened to show proof that the purchase was initially made in good faith by the cardholder.

This white paper from Verifi, titled: Keep Your Holiday Profits; Avoid The Chargeback Grinch, gives retailers insights on how they can prevent chargebacks after the hectic holiday shopping season.

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