Improve Your Queue I.Q.

Retailers hate long lines nearly as much as impatient shoppers, but smart merchants know that lines are not always a bad thing. Customers waiting in line often can be motivated to make impulse buys. According to this infographic from Wavetec, creating a single line queue to feed multiple cashier stations can:

  • Boost conversion rates by 96%;
  • Increase impulse sales revenues in merchandised queues by 400%; and
  • Speed up customer flow by 25%.

But beware lines that are too long: If a wait lasts longer than three minutes, the perceived wait time multiplies with each additional second that passes. Also note that men give up on lines more easily than women, because they exaggerate the amount of waiting time after only two minutes have passed.

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IG Bazaarvoice 05.24.16

Source: Wavetec

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