Hot Topics In High-SKU Retail: Personalization, Site Performance And Social Network Marketing

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Retailers with extensive product catalogs face some large-scale challenges: deploying effective search and site navigation tools; maintaining optimal inventory levels for tens of thousands of SKUs; and the simple (though exhausting) task of keeping product data up to date. But what else is keeping these high-SKU retail marketers up at night? So far in 2017, the three hottest topics that retail marketers are trying to figure out are:

  • Personalization: Not just how to be relevant across all touch points, but how best to measure the impact of their personalization efforts;
  • Site Performance: How even small “kinks” and slowdowns could be depressing conversion rates, particularly on mobile devices; and
  • Social Media: How best to use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social networks to expand their reach.

This Retail TouchPoints webinar will provide an in-depth discussion of the key issues being discussed at industry conferences and events, and show how they can be applied to real-world use cases. Content will focus on opportunities for brands who sell enough SKUs to be on the Magento Enterprise platform, but will also be applicable to the wider retail industry.

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