Everything You Need to Know About Adding a Premium Tier to Your Existing Loyalty Program

Ninety-five percent of retailers are discussing launching a program of their own. With mega programs like Amazon Prime, Walmart+ and the recently piloted Best Buy Beta, this trend isn’t going away. But chances are that you already have an existing loyalty program. 

What should you do to meet customer demands? Replace your current program?  

The short answer is no. Premium loyalty is very different than traditional loyalty programs, but the models can work together. And that’s the key to challenging the loyalty status quo.  

This e-book will dive into how and why you should do both – and take a detailed look at retailers who are doing it today. You’ll learn: 

  • The differences between traditional and premium loyalty programs; 
  • How your current loyalty program and a premium loyalty program can work together; and 
  • How to design your own end-to-end loyalty solution. 

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