Ecommerce Marketers Aren’t as Data-Driven as They Want to Be

Ecommerce Marketing Infographic

Data has become the cornerstone of successful marketing campaigns. In the realm of ecommerce, where data abounds, this holds even more true, and yet only 38% of ecommerce marketers say they make most of their decisions based on data.

Data analysis tied with brand building as the top area ecommerce marketers want to devote more time to in the coming year (46% of respondents), followed by competitive analysis (43%), customer experience (36%) and creative (34%). Additionally, data analytics and SEO top the list of skills that ecommerce marketers at all levels — from senior executives to associates — believe are important to their career.

For more information on the critical role data will play in the future of ecommerce marketing check out this infographic from Sidecar.

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