Drive Social Marketing ROI With Social Referral Programs

The dramatic increase in consumer online sharing has created a new opportunity for brands to identify highly-engaged, loyal customers and turn them into “social advocates” – who, in turn, refer the brand, products and services to their friends. This is the foundation of a social referral program which drives new high-value leads and sales through trusted referrals.

Results include:

  • Increased volume of high-value leads 
  • Higher conversion rates (3-5x other channels)
  • Higher AOV (2-3x other channels)
  • Increased traffic and awareness

Are you Turning Your Customers into Social Advocates?

This Social Referral Program Guide helps companies understand the basics of a social referral program, how to tap into the power of customer advocates, program measurement and expected results.

The Extole 101 Guide to Social Referral Programs outlines:

  • The marketing opportunity created by changes in consumer behavior
  • How to engage your advocates and get them talking about your brand
  • The social referral process, measurements and expected results
  • How to get your brand started with a Social Referral Program

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