Digital Innovation Playbook: Love Your Customers To With Their Hearts And Wallets

Retailers use three types of data to analyze customer preferences: transactional, behavioral and emotional.

While transactional and behavioral measurements are still important pieces of the customer puzzle, the emotional element is perhaps the most critical today.

This Digital Innovation Playbook, based on presentations from HighStreet Collective’s 2018 Digital Experience Forum at the Digital Signage Expo, defines the ways retailers can influence shoppers’ emotional journey through the store. Learn how:

  • Creating a love affair with shoppers can overcome the GAFA (Google/Apple/Facebook/Amazon) effect;
  • Understanding the neuroscience of the brain can elicit positive emotions from customers;
  • Focusing on a marketing-centered approach to technology and measurement helps retailers like b8ta improve the digital and physical experience;
  • Boosting relevancy and using one-on-one interactions improved the customer experience for Office Depot; and
  • Using digital signage and video intelligence can improve the emotional impact of marketing strategies.

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