Customer Engagement Masterclass Part II: Why CRM is the New ERP

This three part webinar series provides a complete overview of End-to-End Customer Engagement and reveals the proven best-practices of:

PART I: In-Store Clienteling
PART II: Why CRM is the New ERP
PART III: Ecommerce and Consumer-Facing Digital Technologies

Part 2: Why CRM is the New ERP

Price, product, promotion. They’re all important. But without PEOPLE, they mean nothing. Customers are people first, and understanding what they want and how to deliver it to them is an art.  For too long, inventory has been placed at the forefront of the retail universe, resulting in markdowns and lost margins when stock doesn’t move as quickly as anticipated. That’s about to change.

Please join our panel of industry experts as they discuss why people, rather than product, should be driving your enterprise. The session will focus on why traditional, product-oriented retailing with ERP at its core is not conducive to achieving customer centricity, and will offer insight on how powering your business with CRM will transform it into a true people-driven organization. During the session, you will learn:  

  • Why CRM, not ERP, should be at the core of your enterprise
  • The value of obtaining a 360° view of the customer through cross-channel data integration
  • Best practices for implementing clienteling into your overall customer-centric approach
  • The benefits of incorporating customer metrics into all areas of the supply chain, including planning and merchandising
  • Strategies for using data obtained through customer-centric business intelligence and reporting to drive purchasing, branding, advertising and marketing actions.



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