Creating An Integrated Strategy For B2B Commerce

By integrating key solutions into their unified commerce platform, B2B merchants can manage mission-critical operational elements quickly and cost-effectively. The deployment of the right technology will also better equip sellers to deliver a frictionless and consistent buying experience, helping to maintain good customer satisfaction and retention.

In this e-Book, you’ll learn how B2B retailers can manage their most pressing business issues and streamline their operations by tying both tax and shipping/fulfillment solutions into their e-Commerce platform.

Download the e-Book now and explore the benefits you can receive from:

  • Deploying a unified commerce platform that keeps B2B transactions separate from the retailer’s B2C business, while aggregating data and centrally managing inventory, orders and customer information;
  • Integrating a tax solution that automatically deals with the patchwork of state and local rules and rates, while also providing the backup documentation that’s needed in case of an audit. Such solutions are becoming even more important in the post-Wayfair tax environment, as states and localities seek additional sales tax revenues; and
  • Simplifying the last mile of shipping and post-purchase management by closely integrating with a third-party delivery specialist.

Download the e-Book now!

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