Card-Linked Offers – The New Deal For In-Store Retailers

In-store retail marketers face tough challenges in today’s cross-channel marketplace — they need to find innovative ways to bring shoppers into the store and motivate them to purchase. The best marketing strategies are simple to implement, have proof of performance, and require little or no effort on the part of the shopper and retailer.Card-linked offers answer that call.  

The card-linked offer is a new type of shopping deal linked to the credit and debit cards shoppers already use and value.  Because offers are linked to cards, retailers can use anonymous transaction data to target the right customer segments and enjoy true incremental sales analytics.

Card-linked offers provide a number of potential benefits for in-store retailers, including:

1) Risk-free sales boost – offers are funded only after qualifying sales occur
2) An uptick in new customer acquisition, repeat sales and basket-size
3) Taking market share from competitors – with data to prove it

Unlike Daily Deals, card-linked offers require no paper vouchers or manual tracking. Card members are enrolled automatically, receive offers from their trusted banks and card issuers, and redeem offers just by swiping their cards.

During this On-Demand webinar titled “Card-Linked Offers – The New Deal For In-Store Retailers,” merchants will learn more about the benefits of card-linked offers and how to initiate a program.


– Madeline K. Aufseeser, Senior Analyst, Aite Group
– Jim Douglass, Executive VP, Retail Advertising & Partnerships, Cartera Commerce
– Debbie Hauss, Editor-in-Chief, Retail TouchPoints


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