Can Your Solutions Power Personalization Without Invading Shoppers’ Privacy?

Up to 56% of shoppers want personalized offers, but many more (86%) want to exercise the control to opt out whenever they please — either because the offers are irrelevant or they are sent too often, according to a survey from Oracle. Merchants today must pursue two sometimes contradictory goals when approaching personalization: remain on target while not being too intrusive into shoppers’ lives. Whether they presently have a personalization strategy in place or not, retailers must take a hard look at the platforms they are using and assess whether they are equipped to handle this task.

The ability to collect and understand customer data must be a primary function of these technologies. Armed with data, retailers can increase the timing, frequency and relevance of their communications with shoppers. However, gathering the data that’s required for comprehensive personalization strategies will continue to be a challenge.

This Retail TouchPoints Tech Showcase is designed to help retailers decide what personalization platform works for their needs. The Tech Showcase will include:

  • Questions that retailers must answer to determine whether their personalization capabilities meet their goals;
  • Insights into whether a retailer’s present platforms can handle simple data collection needs;
  • The main metrics retailers must strive for when deploying personalization technologies;
  • Why today’s personalization measures require legislative compliance and opt-in transparency; and
  • A five-step roadmap to deploying an appropriate personalization strategy.

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