Can AR Tame The Tsunami Of Online Product Returns?

As many as 22% of shoppers return digital purchases because they look different “in person” than they did in the online store. This disconnect is a major contributor to the $260 billion in merchandise (purchased both online and offline) that U.S. consumers return annually. However, if online retailers deployed augmented reality (AR), it could help stem the tide. More than 77% of shoppers want to use AR to see product differences, such as a change in color or style of apparel, footwear, accessories or furniture. AR also can help both in-store and online shoppers by triggering animations that demonstrate how complex products such as appliances and electronics function. Using AR can lower return rates by as much as 20%, according to this infographic from Augment.

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IG OpenMarket 4.11.17

Source: Augment

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