Back-To-College Spending Accounts For 68% Of BTS Sales

College-bound students are actually the big spenders of the back-to-school (BTS) season: the higher education segment accounts for $54.5 billion of the season’s $80.7 billion in sales, approximately 68% of the total. Per-household spending on college goods is $976, with the largest purchases including:

  • Electronics ($235);
  • Clothing and accessories ($149);
  • Dorm/apartment furnishings ($120);
  • Food items ($99); and
  • Shoes ($83).

However, grade school BTS spending shouldn’t be underestimated — it still reaches $696.70 per household. The top items for kids heading back to the classroom are clothing and accessories ($240), electronics ($203), shoes ($136) and school supplies ($117). Learn more about the dual nature of the back-to-school season in this infographic from The Shelf.

[click to expand]

Source: The Shelf.

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