A Strategic Plan for Customer-Centric Retailing

How to Advance from Service to Engagement
for Improved Profitability and Sustainable Growth

Today’s shoppers are fully connected, highly informed and omni-channel – and they expect nothing less of you. To meet those expectations, every aspect of your business must now be planned and executed to not merely serve your customers but to delight and actively engage them – with offerings that clearly reflect who they are and how they live, and a seamless, interactive experience that presents no limitations on the fast-track to “yes.” After all – if you don’t provide it, your competitors will!

We invite you to learn how. In this very special offer, we have arranged to provide not one but three exceptional Aberdeen resources that will enable you to understand the changing retail imperatives and show you how to achieve advanced customer centricity within and beyond your stores:

Personalize the In-Store Experience.
Aberdeen’s research on The Customer Connected Store explains how and to what extent your competitors are enhancing the in-store experience and driving a fundamental transformation in retailing. The paper documents, describes and quantifies numerous key trends, including:

  • Retailers’ perceptions of pressure from customer evolution;
  • Key strategies for reviving failing stores;
  • Enhancing in-store capabilities through personalization – including process, knowledge and performance management;
  • Technology and infrastructure capabilities and enablers;

… and provides specific recommendations for retailers seeking to compete, make their mark and excel in this changing retail landscape.

Measure your capabilities against your competitors.
Find out how your POS measures up to today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities. Aberdeen Group’s self-assessment lets you evaluate your system against the performance of laggard, average and best-in-class retailers, based on extensive research and a wide range of KPIs. You’ll learn what you can do to strengthen your POS, and turn otherwise indifferent shoppers into inspired customers and ambassadors for your brand.

Target POS Mobility for Engagement, Interactivity, and Revenue.
Learn what your competitors are doing – and what you need to be doing – to accomplish more with Point of Service systems. This insightful research identifies how best-in-class retailers are integrating and upgrading POS with a range of other systems to achieve:

  • Dynamic marketing capabilities that engage customers, enrich their shopping experience and drive sales
  • The transformation of POS data into actionable business intelligence
  • The ability to execute and manage promotions in near real time
  • Cross-channel order consistency
  • Improved transaction data collection and storage

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