80% Of Shoppers Changed Buying Behavior Because Of Coupons

Coupons remain a powerful shaper of shopper journeys: because of available coupons, 80% of consumers altered their purchase behavior in one or more ways:

  • 37% bought sooner;
  • 35% bought a different brand;
  • 35% bought more;
  • 24% bought an alternate product within the brand; and
  • 18% switched back to a brand they had bought previously.

But like the rest of retail, couponing has moved toward digital, such as “load-to-card” coupon offers. Redemption for load-to-card coupons is more than 7X higher than for coupons provided in traditional paper freestanding inserts (FSIs) — 15% vs. 2% — despite much lower distribution rates: 32% for load-to-card vs. 90% for FSIs.

Learn more about coupons’ move toward personalization and digitization in this infographic from Inmar.

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Source: Inmar.

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