8 Steps To Get Buy-in For A Website Testing Program

Effective website testing provides critical and credible information that can move your business forward. This white paper presents a specific plan on how to convince your company’s leaders that website testing is essential to the overall business.

The eight-step plan includes:

  • Show the money being left on the table. One screenshot of a key page that highlights estimated revenue or cost savings will have a big impact. 
  • Leverage peer pressure. Examples of how competitors have succeeded with website testing can send a resounding message. 
  • Anticipate objections. Project management charts show IT departments that they’ll get to other projects in their queue. 
  • Broadcast the results. Arguments for testing will end with current cost-per-conversions and showing test results that lowered them.

Get more details on these steps plus four more that will have you well on your way to winning over superiors and influencing IT on the importance of creating a website testing program.

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