68% Of Companies Lose Data From Targeted Network Attacks

Retailers need to learn the three letters A-P-T, which stand for “Advanced Persistent Threat.” APT attacks on data systems are more sophisticated than those usually used by cybercriminals, and they are “persistent” because once an organization is breached, the malware can remain in the system for months — and even years.

This infographic from Kaspersky Lab provides data on the impact of APT attacks, including:

  • $100,000: The average cost of an undetected threat to a business;
  • 34%: The percentage of companies that have experienced damage to their reputations; and
  • 78%: The percentage that suffered downtime.

The infographic also provides 10 steps companies can take to protect themselves from APT attacks, from educating their employees to installing a multi-layered security system.


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IG Kaspersky 9.19.17

Source: Kaspersky Lab

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