53% Of U.S. Consumers Worry About Doorstep Package Theft

In 2016, 11 million people had packages stolen from their doorstep; and more than three quarters (76%) of this type of theft happens when homeowners aren’t home, according to data collected by MailHaven. Delivering packages when recipients aren’t home ranks as the biggest concern for 63% of delivery companies — a statistic that makes sense given that one billion packages per year are not delivered on the first try. These figures will get worse as e-Commerce sales continue to increase.

Internet of Things (IoT) technology can help mitigate package delivery woes. Solutions include dynamic routing systems and “talking” boxes that announce their location at regular intervals. Another solution is smart mailboxes that receive and verify packages even when the consumer isn’t at home, notifying owners when packages are delivered successfully. Additionally, by protecting packages from burglars and weather, this technology can remove much of the worry from e-Commerce fulfillment. Learn more in this infographic from MailHaven.


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Source: MailHaven

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