2022 Premium Loyalty Data Study: How to Keep Your Customers Engaged When Loyalty Standards Are High 

How do you keep your customers engaged and loyal when they have infinite options at their fingertips?

Challenges such as the pandemic, supply chain struggles and inflation have made consumer loyalty a more elusive goal for all brands. These factors have forced many brands to rethink loyalty and create top-of-the-line customer experiences for premium loyalty members.

To get their feelings on premium loyalty programs, paying for enhanced benefits and their shopping habits and interactions with brands, Clarus Commerce recently surveyed 2,500 U.S. consumers as part of a new data study.

This study will help you understand: 

  • Why premium loyalty adoption is high and consumer expectations are shifting;
  • Missed customer engagement opportunities;
  • Building loyalty through greater engagement;
  • The virtualization of loyalty; and
  • How to create the best experiences for your best customers. 

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