Sixpoint Brewery

Artisanal Brewing Ventures tapped ChangeUp to open the first taproom for its Sixpoint Brewery brand. Given its cult-like following, Sixpoint’s taproom design needed to strongly represent the brand and its philosophy while also creating a unique and memorable experience.

To accomplish these goals, ChangeUp tapped into Sixpoint’s brand assets to design bold murals, including one touting the brand’s motto: Beer is Culture. The photography, art and even music used tie back to the company’s Brooklyn roots, helping create a localized feel that encourages community gatherings and socializing.

The broader design and flow of the space also encourages this connection: ChangeUp incorporated large windows, multiple entry points and touches of greenery to create an open-air feeling in the indoor space, while bold colors and pattern usage connect to the fun essence of the Sixpoint brand.

Since the taproom’s opening in fall 2022, it has become a popular space for locals and tourists alike, and will remain the primary Sixpoint taproom as Artisanal Brewing Ventures opens physical spaces for its adjacent brands, including Bold Rock and Victory Brewing Company.



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