Larissa Loden

The first Larissa Loden store, located in St. Paul, Minn., was designed as a beacon for customers and fans as well as a place for all to gather and create — literally, due to the addition of production, fabrication, office, marketing and maker spaces in the building.

The space, which was designed by Studio BV, focuses on expressing the beauty of color, geometry and femininity. The retail side’s design embraces the bold and beautiful colors of Larissa Loden’s products using careful lighting design and soft curves that highlight the items being showcased.

The building itself is a simple, elegant shape to support the constant change of the display components. Fixtures follow soft geometry in order to help customers embrace the curves and flow of the store, and the unique design is on full display through the custom front door and floor mosaics.

“The design for the space was to create a space that was full of femininity, color, softness and curves,” said Betsy Vohs, Founder and CEO of Studio BV in a statement. “The design was intentionally separated from her website, brand and products. This design strategy was important because Larissa’s designs for her jewelry are constantly changing and her team is constantly using new colors, geometries and patterns.”

The workspace and maker areas are full of modular elements to enable reconfigurations to meet the team’s evolving needs. Additionally, the company’s café/coffee bar was purposely placed at the boundary between the retail and office space in order to enable the creative and retail staff to intermix.

All photos © Corey Gaffer Photography



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