UK-based bathroom brand Coalbrook and design studio Holloway Li have partnered to create an experiential showroom that takes inspiration from the Industrial Revolution. Coalbrook takes its name from the town of Coalbrookdale, the site of the world’s first iron bridge and cradle of the Industrial Revolution — and Holloway Li’s builds upon those roots.

The showroom aims to blur the boundary between historicism, decoration and digital process to create a space that evokes the tall chimneys of city skylines, the searing heat of furnaces and engine rooms and rough chiseled quarries. As a result, the space eschews traditional expectations for showrooms in favor of a surreal landscape.

Holloway Li researched the history of industrial forms and processes to create a unique way to engage with the brand narrative. The result is a series of industrial ‘casts’ used to display working products:

  • The Ground Floor resembles a landscape of industrial chimneys, with ghostly casts of Victorian bathroom wall panels in piercing orange and amber resin; and
  • The Basement is a dark, watery space created to evoke a subterranean engine room, occupied by two oversized industrial ‘boilers’ and wall panels molded from cast iron.

“Holloway Li interpreted our brief from a unique angle, tracing Coalbrook’s brand narrative back to Britain’s industrial heartland,” said Giuseppe and Pietro Corbisiero, Founders and Owners of Coalbrook and Davroc in a statement. “In doing so, they have reimagined the showroom typology from the ground-up, creating a memorable space to experience the story of our brands beyond the possibilities offered by online channels.”



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