Zaius Unveils Segment Builder 2.0

Zaius Unveils Segment Builder 2.0

Zaius has debuted new segmentation capabilities, designed to let marketers create highly customized customer segments for advanced analytics and targeted campaign execution.

Segment Builder 2.0 is designed to empower marketers to create segments based on the most comprehensive data set, ingesting data from any system in their marketing stack. Marketers can get a unified view of e-Commerce and POS data, as well as data pulled from web sites, mobile apps, ad platforms, satisfaction ratings and customer service support tickets.

The result is a dynamic customer profile that is continuously and automatically updated, designed to enable more personalized, effective campaigns.

Using a straightforward user interface, marketers can leverage Segment Builder 2.0 to: 

  • Segment on multiple sequential customer actions or behaviors, such as customers who abandon their carts and also have open support tickets;
  • Target a single campaign to multiple segments, rather than creating campaign-specific segments;
  • Understand the composition and size of segments in real time as they create them, including active and inactive subscribers and reachable audience per channel; and
  • Leverage reporting and analytics based on these advanced segments, letting brands compare insights across granular customer groups.
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