Yieldify Offers Customer Journey Optimization, Conversion Platforms

Yieldify Offers Customer Journey Optimization, Conversion Platforms

Yieldify, a Customer Journey Optimization (CJO) platform designed to help e-Commerce businesses deliver customer journeys that convert, integrates into existing workflows and leverages proprietary data to recognize what actions will generate the greatest impact before creating CJO campaigns for every customer. The scalable, customizable platform enables brand marketers to insert personalized touch points and gives them full control of the online customer experience.

The data-driven solution takes a holistic approach to the customer journey, enabling brands to identify how consumers interact with a brand, discover causes of cart abandonment and encourage customers to spend more.

In addition to boosting customer loyalty with its personalized approach, the solution can help brands reduce customer acquisition costs. The platform includes a campaign builder that enables brands to deliver a customer experience that generates measurable value through behavioral triggers, flexible formats and dynamic content.

Empowered by 10 billion data interactions across more than 50,000 customer campaigns, the Yieldify Conversion Platform provides e-Commerce marketers with the tools to acquire, convert and retain new customers.

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