Yaguara Leverages Real-Time Analytics For Smart Recommendations

Yaguara Leverages Real-Time Analytics For Smart Recommendations

Yaguara, a growth management platform, is designed to help e-Commerce retailers combine real-time data with AI analysis, to produce smart recommendations that tie actionable tasks to high-level objectives and key results. These recommendations can enable retailers to deliver timely predictive insights to teams down to the individual level. 

The platform lets retailers set objectives that serve as the ultimate goal of all other initiatives, as well as dividing the company into individual groups to clearly delineate which teams are working toward which result. The solution can help retailers further align their teams with capabilities including:


  • Sharing long-term plans and new initiatives so all teams are empowered with complete transparency;
  • Tracking who is responsible for what and when; and
  • Connecting tools and removing data silos.

Retailers also can leverage Yaguara’s recommendations to gain predictive insights into future performance and spot obstacles ahead of time. This enables companies to consistently have the answers on how to adapt quickly in order to hit their goals.

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